Responsive Website Design that Looks Consistent Adapts to Devices .

As more customers are using smartphones and tablets to search the web, optimizing your website for these mobile viewers has become a critical part of website design. Mobile searches convert customers at a higher rate than traditional searches, because those people are looking for your services right now. Make that search traffic work for your business by providing customers a site that is responsive to their device, ensuring your site looks great on any screen size.

Sites That Look Great, No Matter The Size

Responsive Website Design

When customers are searching from a mobile device like a smart phone, they are looking to buy right now. Take advantage of that moment by giving them the information they need quickly. Google reports that over 90% of mobile searchers have encountered a website that was not designed to be viewed on a mobile device, and promptly left to find one that was.

Mass Media Designs structures all our sites to be responsive websites, meaning that they resize to fit on any screen size, big or small. By designing your site as a responsive website, you provide customers with a seamless online experience that is optimized to their device, increasing the chance that they choose to do business with you.

Capture Their Attention, Secure Their Business

By making responsive website development a priority during the design phase, Mass Media Designs ensures that the look and feel of your site remains consistent, across all devices. User experience is the most critical element of website design, and your site should reflect that commitment by being easy to use on a smart phone, desktop or tablet.

Mass Media Designs can put your business in a position to capture customers no matter how they get to your responsive website, and increase your conversion rate of both traditional and mobile users. If you do not have a responsive website now, or would like more information about how we can help your website become responsive, call Toledo’s web development experts at Mass Media Designs today.