Internet Marketing that Tells a Story Sends a Message Attracts Business Builds Connections Creates a Brand .

Optimizing your website for search engines isn't the only way to improve your ranking. Having a consistent online advertising presence across platforms, including your website, mobile site, social media pages and your email advertising, is a necessity to keeping customers. Making sure that these elements are saying the same thing, and encouraging customers to engage and buy, is the best way to stay in front of your customers and to attract new ones. Mass Media Designs takes it a step further, by integrating your online advertising efforts into your offline and event based marketing, creating a seamless transition from the online to the brick and mortar

Get your site in front of the right people

Mass Media Designs has a team of online advertising experts who know exactly how to write and design marketing campaigns around specific words to increase visibility and drive sales. Search engine marketing and geo-targeted advertising can work for the right business, but only as part of a larger internet marketing plan. Not only will we craft the right message, but we'll also identify the right audience, increasing the likelihood of converting clients into sales through consistent and targeted online marketing efforts.


Online consistency will generate results

Pay per click and geo-targeted advertising can make sense to the right business, but even they are no replacement for a well designed website and internet marketing plan. Putting together a clean website design with good content and regular updates is the real secret to improving your Google rank and staying there. By combining a targeted online marketing campaign with an appealing website that looks, sounds and feels the same as the rest of your online presence and social media pages, you can keep customers coming back for more.