Marketing that clicks. connects. sells.

Mass Media Designs provides Perrysburg area businesses with web design and online marketing services. As a full service team of web designers and social media marketing experts, we've leveraged our skills to help dozens of small and local Perrysburg businesses connect with customers through digital advertising.

Who We Are

Mass Media Designs was founded in Perrysburg, Ohio by marketing visionary Dan Gallerno, who saw the need for a resource centered around helping small and local businesses with online advertising efforts. His goal was to create an internet marketing and web design firm focused on creating innovative websites for Perrysburg's small businesses. No amount of innovation could replace tangible results, and Dan built his model on the desire to demonstrate return on investment for every dollar spent on online marketing. Small business owners appreciated his customized, client-centered approach to marketing, and his commitment to making the internet work for small businesses.

Nearly a decade later, Mass Media Designs continues to help Perrysburg area companies achieve success with their online marketing and web presence. We have grown to include a team of individuals each contributing their unique online marketing and creative design skills to helping the same small business clients. We have created customized solutions for customers in a range of industries, including healthcare providers, financial advisors, food & beverage services, information technology companies and several Perrysburg based non-profit organizations.

Our comprehensive website design team includes web and graphic designers, copywriters, video and social media producers, strategic marketing experts and web marketers, all working together to craft a powerful and impactful message that is tailored to your business goals

Mass Media Designs - Dan Dan Gallerno CEO and Lead Designer

Mass Media Designs team leader has been building web sites since 1997, with decades of experience coding, designing, developing and optimizing websites for Perrysburg area businesses.

Mass Media Designs - David David Shawn Site Architect and Copywriter

David joined Mass Media Designs in 2015, specializing in marketing strategy and search engine optimization, while also serving as the lead content creator for the team.

Mass Media Designs - Laura Laura Schweitzer Web & Graphic Designer

Laura has been working with Mass Media Designs since 2015, working with clients on web and graphic design projects.